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Human Potential Coaching

A proven, holistic approach. Guidance and grounding to find your own answers. Gain clarity, confidence and conviction. Fully show up. Take action. Find your flow.

Doing The Work That Matters

My clients know that to create their greatest contribution, the work starts with themselves. To create a better world, we start with learning how to be better humans. Let’s get to work!


One of a Kind Coaching, For a One of a Kind Life.

No scripts. No set programs. No one-size-fits-somebody-else approach here. A fully customized coaching experience, centered on you: Your goals, your obstacles, your strengths, your emerging super powers.

The results you want. A way to live and be the best you have to offer.

I bring the skills and experience to help you find your own answers and set your own course.

Seeking clarity? Tired of feeling stuck, frustrated or overwhelmed?

I get it and I’ve been there too.
Stuck in a rut. Frustrated. Lacking confidence. Confused. Disconnected. Under water.

Coaching shifts perspectives, creates possibilities and unlocks potential, helping you get back in the groove and find your flow.

Looking for a greater sense of purpose in your day-to-day life?

Do you feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day, stuck in a day-to-day grind?

Do you yearn for something more?

Coaching provides a context for gaining clarity, coming home to what’s important, and reconnecting with purpose and passion.

How can Human Potential Coaching help you?

A high-octane combination: powerful transformative coaching conversations merge with the experience, training and expertise to help you skillfully align your passions, strengths and purpose and live into your full potential.

Helping you find you uncover your path, discover your own answers, and find your flow.

What Clients Say

Thank you, Golder!

Golder was able to provide me with a safe environment and I felt it allowed me to be able to open up about myself in a way that made me feel comfortable.

The process we went thru was extremely helpful and I can confidently say that I am satisfied with my development from the time I started coaching with Golder.

I know that my progress will be ongoing, but I feel confident my sessions have equipped me with the tools that will prove useful to me for the rest of my life.


Golder knew just the right things to ask and to investigate so I could put my mental mess into coherent thoughts! By the end of our call, I felt so much more empowered!  Almost as if I gave myself a permission slip to move  toward what I truly want out of my life.

Prior to my conversation with Golder, I felt stuck. But as we talked, I loosened my grip and opened up to the truth that I’m not just a work in progress, but progress worth working for.


Creative Director

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Golder Goldstein Human Potential Coach


Golder Goldstein Human Potential Coach


Navigating the Unknown. Rachel Strivelli with Golder Goldstein, Kayaker and Coach. Wisdom Keeper Series Episode 6.

About Me

I believe in service and connection. The deeper satisfaction and fulfillment we seek comes from looking outside ourselves, connecting with the world around us, and serving others. I believe that the path towards our  greatest contributions begins with radical self-care and self-acceptance.

My life and work are guided by the notion that kindness ripples out into the world and makes it a better place. Acts of positivity are paid forward.  When we change ourselves, we change the world.

For years I felt like a piece of life was missing. When I found real clarity–that known-in-my-bones certainty–about my values and purpose, I found a fulfillment that I didn’t know was possible. 

I have seen for myself the impact of personal growth and self discovery on individual and communities. 

My passion and purpose is to help others bridge the gap between where they stand today and the waiting possibilities of their dreams, missions, and greatest contributions. 

I know that your dream, that new reality, the new you is closer than you think. I’m here to help you close that gap, one conversation at a time. 

Human potential coach


“Golder, working with you has been a phenomenal experience! I gained confidence, passion and a rekindled sense of spirit. Thank you!!”


Health Coach

“Golder’s coaching has been insightful, challenging, and powerful for me. His no nonsense approach dovetails beautifully with his easy-going style.”


Human Potential Coach

“Coaching with Golder was exactly what I needed in order to get un-stuck!”


Business Owner

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