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Frequently Asked

How Do I Choose The Right Coach?

Coaching is all about connection.

Choosing the right coach for you comes down to chemistry.

Personal growth can be hard and sometimes it can get a little messy. You want a coach who gets you, shares your sense of humor, and makes you eager to commit to the process.


What Training, Certifications & Experience Do I Have?

I have completed several extensive coach trainings and continue to prioritize my professional development and my dedication to best serving my clients through ongoing mentorship, coaching and continuing education opportunities.

I am a Certified Human Potential Coach (CHPC) having completed training with the ICF-accredited Human Potential Institute.

I am accredited by the Internation Coaching Federation–the global gold standard for the coaching profession–as an Associate Certified Coach.

I have completed advance training as an Emergent Certified Coach.

In addition to working with my private practice clients, I also contract with large-scale national organizations providing Mental Health & Wellness and Leadership Coaching services to help bring coaching to a wide range of diverse clients.

Can I Email You?

Sure – you can email me at

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