Golder Goldstein Swiftwater Rescue

Finishing up an intense weeklong Swiftwater Rescue Instructor Training with Jim Coffey, an amazing multi-ninja of whitewater, rescue, instruction, with the rare, wonderful sort of hospitality that makes you feel more welcome even in your own backyard.

I feel beyond grateful for the high quality instruction I’ve received this past year. And while SWR instruction and coaching may at first seem like totally unconnected disciplines, what I’ve learned from these masters of their domains reveals much more in common than what was initially apparent.

Regardless of whether I was being taught the nuances of mechanical advantage or the finer points of the coaching arc, I noticed a few overlying qualities that profoundly and positively shaped my experience.

Whatever the subject, I’ve seen these folks share with a generosity of spirit the full breadth of their knowledge and experience, creating a feeling not of a transaction but of a gift, an offering. I’ve witnessed a consistency of character, that these people aren’t so much teaching curriculum as they are sharing a piece of themselves. I’ve felt these instructors bring their full selves to the material with a passion and unbridled enthusiasm that by sharing and learning these skills, we can make the world a better place.

So while in the course of these trainings, I’ve gained a lot of skills and taken in a lot of information, my biggest take away isn’t about any of the material itself, but instead relates to my intention for what I plan to do with that knowledge.

I intend to bring infectious generosity and passion, knowledge as well as my own personal experience, and my own unique hybrid blend of knowing and curiosity to each of my interactions, whatever the context.

​I intend to pay it forward, share what I have received, and hopefully ignite Stoke! in others along the way.


Check out my events page for a schedule of my upcoming classes on Swiftwater Rescue, paddling, and improving your fun-to-anxiety ratio in whitewater. Or feel free to connect to learn about private instruction and custom offerings. 

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