Making the Conscious Choice. With My Business. With My Life.

The conscious choice.

Making the conscious choice. With my business. With my life.

SEO App, I’m out.
It’s not me, it’s you.

When the amazing Adela rebuilt my website, the new format had a built in SEO plug-in.

When I imported the words I had written in google docs, this plug-in started making all kinds of frownie faces at me.

My writing style is highly intentional yet often atypical. And while I don’t expect some lines of code to “get me” as a human, there were still some parts of my experience sparing with that plug-in that have stuck with me. And I’ve noticed I haven’t been writing, though I’ve surely had no shortage of things to say.

Honestly, it bummed me out. The notion of AI or code or whatever it actually is that we’re interacting with in the screen having such a strong influence on me, on my well considered ‘style’ (if I can be fancy enough to call it that), the possible effects this trend towards SEO optimization might have on human expression and art. The whole shebang, it bums me out.

I also felt disheartened by the “fact” that ”just” writing wasn’t “enough;”

I had to take what I wrote and jump thru all the SEO hoops I could to make it “good” and get a little green smiley face.

And, I was bummed that I cared. About what this plug in “thinks” about my writing.

. . . . .

It’s been a long while since I’ve written much.

. . . . .

Which leads me back again to having to do things with my business my own way.

So I’m making the conscious choice. With my business. With my life.

I’m going to say what I’ve got to say.
For you.

Not based on what the algorythms or SEO’s shoulds say is best.

I’m choosing to base my business, my practice, on authentic connection with other humans.
Not what tech say is best. Not what works for Google. But instead based on my own thoughts, feelings and experience, and the intention to deliver it honestly and with personal integrity.

I hope it makes you think. Or feel. Or slow down a moment. And look.


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