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I feel like I started with a dirty windshield riding down life’s road.

After 6 sessions with you, it’s as if I was able to clean the bugs and dust off and have a clear view of the future. I’m confident I have the tools to address what will come my way.


When I began coaching, I was really struggling to handle the seemingly endless problems around me. However, after multiple sessions with Golder, I finally understood that all these types of feelings and worries had names, making them less ephemeral and more concrete and manageable.

While integrating everything I learned is a lifelong process, I feel much more confident when facing difficult situations and have seen substantial improvements in both my personal and professional relationships.

Thank you Golder for being a great listener and guide through this process.


When it comes to reaching out to talk with a professional about my life problems, this is my biggest fear: I’ve got too much swirling around in my mind, I’m not sure where I could even begin. How do I even put this pile of shit into words? Per usual, this was my anxiety before hopping on the phone with Golder. But within seconds of our chat, I dropped that anxiety somewhere back there. And I don’t feel like going back to look for it.

Golder knew just the right things to ask and to investigate so I could put my mess into coherent thoughts (or maybe he’s just really good at interpreting my “foreign” language!) By the end of our call, I felt so much more empowered to chip away at this puzzle I’m in. Almost as if I gave myself a permission slip to move further toward what I truly want out of my life. Prior to my conversation with Golder, I felt stuck. But as we talked, I loosened my grip and opened up to the truth that I’m not just a work in progress, but progress worth working for.

Thank you so much for listening to me, Golder!! Until next time!


Like many people, I was hesitant to engage in coaching for the first time.

After spending my first 10 minutes with Golder, I was completely engaged and invested in the process.

Golder is present and thoughtful and the initial insecurity I felt entering the process was immediately replaced by looking forward to our sessions.

There’s nothing preachy or programmatic about how our sessions went and weeks later I’m still spending time focusing on the skills we worked through together.

I would highly recommend working with him.


Golder is a great coach.

He was always asking me questions that would never occur to me, that questioned my underlying unfounded assumptions, and made me become more aware of how my mind works.

It really helped me achieve deeper understanding of myself and what’s the best way to help myself grow.


I have known Golder for several years, first as a student at HPI and a client, and now as a friend and Coach. He is highly skilled at intuiting what is under the words, getting to the root of an issue with grace and deep insight. His high EQ, innate intelligence, and strong feltsense make him an excellent Coach.

I recommend him highly for all of that–plus he’s witty and charismatic! An amazing combination.


Golder is a very skilled coach who I highly recommend if you are wanting to make positive changes in your life or in need of more clarity in uncertain times.


What has struck me … is your wonderful authenticity and also I love how curious you are about everything.

Golder is a rock star. He’s amazing with words and gifted at digging through the noise to get to the heart of the matter. He continues to be a valuable resource in my world.

Golder is a great coach that helped me with both personal and professional change. As a former child and family therapist, educator and now a real estate broker, I have lots of experience with people in the “helping professions.”

Golder Goldstein is one of the best. Highly recommended!


You really walk your talk, Golder. In spite of the fact that we hear that phrase all the time, it’s honestly a rarity. I really think you embody that piece most wonderfully.

I see you putting on no “airs,” totally without pretension, welcoming the world of greatly varying ideas with a fine open mind and hunger to learn, experience, reflect and share your knowledge and findings.


My experience working with Golder was transcendent without try to be that. I spent the entirety of the session with my eyes closed, so we could really focus on what was opening up. The opening was not from the mind and the ego, but rather from a deeper place that we tapped into together.

His coaching style is unique and customized, and Golder is a warm and compassionate clearing for his clients. I highly recommend his services and getting in The Good Flow!


Golder’s coaching has been insightful, challenging, and powerful for me. His no nonsense approach dovetails beautifully with his easy-going style, making the most of each session.

He is the real deal, with his thought provoking and perspective changing questions.

With Golder’s coaching, I have found answers to basic questions and strategies for complex issues, not because he told me what to do, but because he helped me discover for myself.


Coaching with Golder was exactly what I needed in order to get un-stuck and who I needed to guide me through that. I can only say that if the words, indecisive, stuck, unsure, exasperated, exhausted are part of your current dialogue about yourself, spending time with Golder gently, inquisitively and persistently moving you to revelation is something you should do.

My life began changing…seriously it did…almost immediately. It was awesome to experience and I am thankful and grateful for now having new direction and awakened connection to Spirit. Through the work I did with Golder, I learned [to] achieve a better me, a happier me, a less anxious me and I am open to intuition and spirit. And I now have a process for always being able to get back on track if necessary.

Thank you, Golder! Life is good.


Every coach needs a coach, and this guy is mine. He’s incredible. If you’ve ever thought about having a coach to help you navigate through, uncover what’s hidden, and support you to get your groove back, make an appointment to talk with Golder! Working with him has been life changing! Literally, my life has improved in so many ways because of the insight that I gained in our sessions!

Golder, working with you has been a phenomenal experience! I was able to shift my mindset in so many ways! I gained confidence, stride, passion, and a rekindled sense of spirit that had been dormant. I landed a new job, lost weight, solidified my morning routine, and frankly-started living again, in just a few sessions with you!

You’re gifted and know exactly how to guide me to find my deepest knowing. Thank you!!


As a coach, I love having conversations with purpose and working with Golder, that’s just the beginning. He is my go to man for expanding my own mind and carving out great ideas, getting out of my limited perceptions and I get a sea of wisdom too.

I look forward to our conversations, he encourage me to dig deep and evaluate my behaviors and create adaptive solutions to each situation. I guess the best way I can describe the feeling of working together is like a complete and positive brain wash, a cleaning of my own limitations.

Personally I value creativity highly and G brings a great way of fueling that in me like no one else does!


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