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Insight creates Impact! Self-knowledge and clarity are the secret sauce for positive change.


Understanding your deep & personal Why?
Finding the conviction to take action.


Personal Growth

Embracing change. Cultivating a growth-mindset. Choosing progress over perfection.

Helping You Find Success With Personalized Coaching

Craving Clarity And Positive Change But Feeling Stuck in The Mud?

Working together, you’ll unleash the clarity, creativity and confidence you need to tackle your biggest challenges, infuse your life with purpose, and unlock your greatest contribution.


What Is Coaching?

Why Coaching?

Simply put, coaching is the most effective and powerful way I have experienced for myself and my clients to quickly create profound positive change and lasting personal growth.

Ok, but what is Coaching?

Coaching is a conversation guided by purpose. Focusing on creating the clarity you need to gain deep insights, cultivating confidence, and capitalizing on your innate personal strengths to reach your goals, build your capacities, and create the life you yearn for.

Why Coaching Works

Coaching works because You are the Expert in You.

A great coach brings powerful questions, fresh perspectives and deep curiosity to help you uncover your own answers. 

Talking about coaching is like trying to bottle sunshine

Coaching is a bit craft mixed with science and a bit art infused with magic. When it all comes together and it’s happening, the clouds part and possibility shines through.

Talking about coaching never does it justice. Fortunately… the experience speaks for itself.

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Closing The Gap Between Real Self and Ideal Self

Coaching moves you forward.

We have obstacles and goals, ideals and realities, dreams for the future and old worn-out habits.

Left unexplored, our lives get trapped in old habits and fixed perspectives. We try to create new lives with old thinking. Sometimes we get lucky, but often we stay stuck.

Coaching helps you gain clarity, shift perspectives and take action so you can live your ideal life.   

Battling Uncertainty?

Tired of being unsure about what to do, or not not knowing how to get there?

By cutting thru the noise and distraction and coming home to what’s important to you, coaching helps you find clarity to chart your path and plan the course of action to get you there.

Stuck in old habits?

Habits can either move us forward or hold us stuck in the past. Often the very patterns that served us in the past keep us tethered to an old, out-grown reality. 

When we explore our habit nature, we choose which ingrained patterns to keep and which to cull, and we cultivate the new mental and physical routines needed to move us forward.   

Responding or Reacting

Living life through an automated chain of old habits leaves us unconsciously reacting to our inner and outer worlds. And it yields the same-old results.

When we choose to take charge, breaking the cycle of old habits and automated  reactions with fresh, conscious responses, we create the path to new results.    

Are you Courting the Muse?
Have you been serenading the Muse from below her window but she still isn’t answering your calls? Are you struggling with creativity, clarity, and consistency? Is your confidence as hard to grasp as a wet bar of soap in the shower? Regularly wrestling with the Fear Monster, capital-R Resistance, and King Kong sized Self-Doubt?

Discover what fuels your creative life, what hinders it, and how to act and thrive along with the rotating cast of B-movie characters who have been haunting your Creative Dreams.

Courage isn’t the absence of fears, it is being afraid and doing it anyways.

Learn how to make peace with the fear and to use it for fuel.

Who Do I Serve?

My clients are an amazing, passionate, diverse group of women and men from across the globe. Coming from a wide array of backgrounds, life stages, occupations and orientations, my clients all share deep core value of service and the desire to make a contribution.

The people I work with are are ready and committed to doing their own work so that they can do their best work.

How It Works

The Experience

It comes down to the experience, not the concept.

Coaches love to talk about the concepts behind coaching. Concepts don’t change lives; Experience does. 

The best way to know if my approach to coaching works for you is to try it and see for yourself.


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Finding the right coach is all about fit. To transform your life, you need to know you’ve chosen the right coach.

Get in touch for a free, no pressure, 90-minute coaching session so you can get the full Golder-style coaching experience and decide if I’m the right coach for you.


A Personalized Approach

No set programs or pre-made packages here. Life isn’t paint-by-numbers, don’t settle for a fill-in-the-blank approach.  

Fully customized coaching experiences focused on you, your unique goals and needs, to help you live your own one-of-a-kind life. 





Golder is an excellent coach! He holds powerful space in which I find it easy to slow down and find insight. He really stands out above the rest!

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